mobile knife sharpening, chef’s tools & cutlery sales
Rolling Sharpening Stone offers franchise opportunities all over the United States
Owning your own business takes a lot of your time... but the rewards and everything else are yours. Kent Palmerton
Rolling Sharpening Stone franchisee

Rolling Sharpening Stone: The Franchise

Rolling Sharpening Stone has carved out a unique niche in business ownership. We are a mobile knife sharpening and chef’s supplies and equipment sales business. This business-to-business model services any commercial kitchen that has knives. Our customers include restaurants, hotels, cooking schools, universities, country clubs, retirement homes... you get the picture.

When our franchisees pull up to a customer’s kitchen, it’s like when the ice cream truck rolls into a neighborhood full of kids! Our franchisees provide the opportunity for chefs and their staff to conveniently get their cutlery sharpened while they get to shop for supplies and equipment onsite.

This is a home based, low investment, low inventory, high volume service based business. Your entire business is run right out of your mobile office/kitchen supply showroom/knife sharpening station, which of course means no added overhead of a retail location, or employee management. If you enjoy being on the move, interacting with customers and providing a valuable service alongside great customer service, then this might just be the business for you!

No restaurant industry experience? Don’t know how to sharpen knives? No problem!

With a good set of steel mesh gloves and a full week’s worth of intensive training at our headquarters in Englewood, Colorado we’ll have you sharpening knives like a pro. And you will be!

Not sure how to market and sell this business? No problem!

One of our trainers is going to spend a week with you on your truck, in your territory showing you the ins and outs of building a successful Rolling Sharpening Stone business in your market.

There is also a conference held once a year to sharpen your skills, learn best practices, meet old and new vendors and visit with other franchisees. No worries, our support staff is always on the other end of a phone to answer your questions.